Fighting for Inclusitivity In Our Everyday Lives

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LGBTQ Diversity and Inclusion” an image of hands held together in PRIDE flag colours showing the importance of togetherness on the pathway to acceptance of everyone

Sexual education is uncomfortable. It’s a controversial topic that some people believe should be discussed openly and others feel it should not be. Regardless of the differing opinions, sexual education in schools has historically focused around a single approach that is abstinence only. Instead of encouraging education about safe sex and contraceptives, many schools focus on the idea of refraining from sex seeing it as the only way to prevent teenagers from engaging in unsafe situations. However, issues with sexual education go beyond the problem of teaching abstinence. In a hetero-normative system where heterosexuality is assumed to be the only sexual orientation, it is important to address the silence of the voices of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual. Trans or Questioning (LGBTQ) youth from these situations. Not only should LGBTQ youth be integrated into sexual education, focus should be shifted on including LGBTQ narrative into our every day lives. Continue reading